Ana Marquez

Lead Farmer/Gardener

My name is Ana Marquez and I’ve had a passion for gardening as long as I can remember. We

are blessed to have the Chicago Farm Lab as a resource in our community. Being near the

garden gives my husband, Juan and I the opportunity to care for the garden and the many

flowers, plants, and vegetables. For several years, the populated city life gave us little space

and opportunity to establish and maintain a garden. The community garden now gives us the

space to grow a variety of food, teachers and volunteers that share their knowledge and

experience, and the opportunity to share it all with the students and neighbors. We are learning

what it takes to grow successfully, we are beautifying the community, and we are harvesting

healthy foods. We are thankful for the experiences and the people of the Chicago Farm Lab.

Their generosity, support, and hard work makes a positive difference in the community.


2148 N Long Ave
Chicago, Cook County 60639



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